Welcome to Rapid Diffusion!

As Professor Farnsworth would say: good news, everyone!

I’m finally going forward with a project that has long been in the making. It must be three quarters of a year since I first conceived this website. Along the way, it has been shifting its shape, it has been on hold because other things got in the way and it has on several occasions been all but given up.

However, as 2014 steamrolled into our lives, this project got its claws into me again and finally pushed me to make the effort; and so here we are today, finally witnessing the launch of my blog: Rapid Diffusion.

As the tagline at the top suggests, I’ll be talking about science, literature, history and anything else I think is worth sharing with the world. You’re very welcome to read the About page for more details. Sound interesting? Well, stick around, and I could sure use your help in getting this project off the ground. Subscribe to my updates on Twitter and Facebook and sign up for my newsletter (use the little form in the sidebar on the right.) Leave a comment to share your thoughts; I would love for this to be an interactive experience. And finally, if you come across an interesting post, share it on your favourite social medium to spread the word and get the discussion fired up!

I hope to hear from you all soon.

– Marco

Marco is a theoretical (bio)physicist, currently engaged in unraveling the sequence-dependent dynamics of DNA molecules to earn his PhD at Leiden University. Other passions include literature and history.

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  1. Luitzen

    I hope you will write lots of interesting stuff! Looking forward to it. 🙂

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