Doubt-Mongering and the Misrepresentation of Science

Earlier this year, James Powell produced a new version of his telling pie-chart about global warming consensus. For the first version he reviewed the body of peer-reviewed literature from 1991 through 2012 about global warming, to see whether there was any consensus among the scientific community on the matter. He was driven to this experiment
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Science after the Zombie Apocalypse

It is generally assumed that, once the zombie apocalypse hits, our societies will crumble into anarchy; and that those who survive the initial panic will be reduced to fighting for their bare necessities. We will be scavenging for food and supplies, and fending off the undead hordes and the darkest excesses of human nature, which
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Drawing of the human brain by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Insight: The Aha-Experience

We’ve all had the experience: you’re staring at a problem or puzzle and suddenly it ‘clicks.’ Almost magically, the answer pops into your head, seemingly without any effort or any relation to what you were thinking of before. How does that happen? Insight It turns out it happens all the time, not always accompanied by
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