Enjoying Dante's View in Death Valley, CA.


Welcome to Rapid Diffusion! My name is Marco and this is my blog.

I love to learn new things and, when you learn about cool new stuff, I find the experience becomes even better if you can share it with others. So here, on Rapid Diffusion, I write about the questions I ask myself and, hopefully, about the answers I manage to dig up.

I’m a scientist. I’m a physicist by training and trade and I’m currently working towards that coveted title of Doctor. I work in biophysics at the University of Leiden in The Netherlands, where I’m studying the workings of DNA molecules from a physicist’s perspective.

Physics takes up most of my time, but I try to keep up with a range of other interests as well. (There are never quite enough hours in a day, though. Wistful sigh.) I’m a great fan of literature, mostly the classic kind. I love my Dickens, Austen, Steinbeck, Cervantes and I could keep this list going for a while.

Another interest of mine is history. Just as I love a well-crafted fictional story, I possibly get even more excited when I find a great story that actually took place. Besides that, I like how a knowledge of history helps you understand why the world of today looks the way it does (even if you didn’t know you were wondering.) This is a more recent interest and I still have a lot to learn, but I try to sort out the historical context of what I’m writing about if I think it’s relevant.

If any of this interests you, stick around and have a look at my blog. I hope you’ll come across something you didn’t know, but are glad to have learned. And perhaps you could teach me something as well: I love to hear from you in the comments and don’t be shy about approaching me: you can find me on Twitter or Google+, follow my Facebook page or use the Contact page to e-mail me.

So here’s to discovering and learning, together; I hope to hear from you soon!


– Marco