Machiavelli's beloved Florence.

Machiavelli’s Misunderstood Brilliance

History has not been particularly kind to Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527), author, diplomat and statesman of the Italian Renaissance, most famous for his book Il Principe (The Prince). He was looked upon with contempt by later generations and his name has become synonymous with unscrupulous, deceptive tactics. Machiavelli Vilified Did he really deserve to be treated
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Drawing of the human brain by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Insight: The Aha-Experience

We’ve all had the experience: you’re staring at a problem or puzzle and suddenly it ‘clicks.’ Almost magically, the answer pops into your head, seemingly without any effort or any relation to what you were thinking of before. How does that happen? Insight It turns out it happens all the time, not always accompanied by
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